We grow our beans in fertile Colombian soil under the right conditions and climate. We invite you to experience 100% authentic Colombian coffee directly from our hard-working farmers’ hands. We proudly support 40 small-scale family farmers, and by purchasing Niu OrganiCo, you’re supporting them as well.


EST. 2016

Niu OrganiCo Company

Niu OrganiCo Coffee was founded not only to help coffee lovers get the best in organic coffee, but also to strengthen the economic growth of our local farmers and their families, who put in a lot of hard work for the fair trade of coffee.

Our deep roots in Colombia make sourcing for the best quality coffee beans easy. Our ultimate goal is to generate work opportunities and to help our local farmers achieve a better life for their families and generations to come. Together we are building a legacy.

Colombia offers a wide variety of coffee flavors and aromas, which makes our coffee one of the best in the world. These single origin specialty coffees are made with Supreme, Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, among others by the following entities: ECOCERT, USDA Organic, and FLO-CERT.

Niu OrganiCo has partnered up with Associación de Pequeños Campesinos (ASOPECAM), an organization based in Colombia dedicated to the fair trade of coffee.

Top Quality Arabica

The art of roasting is useless without premium quality coffee beans; this is why we work directly with the best coffee farmers in Colombia, grounded in decades of the coffee tradition. Niu OrganiCo comes together to unify the efforts of 2 regions in the Valle Del Cauca, Colombia. It is our mission to provide the children of our farmers with the right tools and transportation to attend school.

Cupping is the coffee trade’s quality control standard, so we cup test our coffee at every stage of its journey. We cup test before shipment to the US, and we cup test again upon arrival. Only once we are satisfied, and it meets our high-quality standard, will we accept the delivery.

Our Family


Great team

I am part of a group of young people that for the past 7 years, has been in charge of agro ecological production. I am passionate in learning every day about how to improve the quality of my coffee, and the ones from my colleagues of the organization.



I have a small farm and I am the head of the household in my family. I have always lived in the countryside, and was raised under the roots of the coffee culture. For 22 years, I have been harvesting under the principles of agroecology. One of my passions is the preservation, protection and multiplication of the native seeds of my territory.


Coffee Grower

My family has been dedicated to the cultivation of coffee for more than 70 years. I inherited their love and passion for it. My greatest passion is to spread the message, so that other families can join the process of agro ecology.


Coffee Grower

I own “El Recuerdo,” which is a farm located at 1450 meters above sea level. I am part of the generational relay, because my parents were the ones who planted in me the love for the field. For 22 years, we have been cultivating our coffee. We have since made our own organic fertilizers, so that the production comes out with the best quality.



I have lived in the countryside my entire life. However, it was only 5 years ago that I decided to dedicate myself to growing coffee in the agro ecological way. I was motivated to go forward with this change because I am looking towards a healthy future of family and the people.



“La Luisa” is what I named my farm years ago, and it is located at 1870 meters above sea level. I have been harvesting coffee my whole life. However, 17 years ago I started practicing agro ecology, which was a life changing decision. It changed every thought and action about how we live in community, with values and principles, without putting at risk the balance not only of the people but of all living beings.

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